ECB Small Grants Scheme 2018

Clubs can apply for an ECB small grant towards improving facilities linked to national programmes

In 2018, the ECB Small Grant Scheme aims to support the ECB’s national programmes -   Get the Game On, All Stars Cricket, Women’s Cricket and U19 Club T20.

Priority will be given to applications from affiliated Cricket Clubs actively engaged with these programmes.  All projects will assist Clubs to make small changes to improve their long-term sustainability by increasing the number of games played, offering either improved family friendly social facilities, improved changing facilities for women cricketers or enabling great events for the U19 Club T20.

The closing date for submitting completed applications to CCBs is Friday 23 February 2018.

Clubs can apply for funding towards the purchase of relevant products or materials, and associated professional labour costs, under the following project themes:

  • Covers – supporting Get the Game On
  • Family Friendly Facilities – supporting All Stars Cricket  
  • Improved Changing Facilities for Females – supporting Women’s Cricket
  • Great Events – supporting U19 Club T20

How to apply

The ECB Small Grant Scheme is now live.

Click to receive an application form and guidance notes on how to apply.